Car Park Tasting: Lockdown libations

Tuesday 4th August saw R&R’s second ‘urban car park tasting’. The first one had been in far-away June, a break-out from the irons and shackles forced on us by the wretched COVID.  That tasting had seen a cornucopia of wines of every colour and type – spread across the Globe – with a frisson of frothing meads and beers as a finale. This one was the same but different. And the idea was simple, namely to offer top wine scribes the chance to wrap their lips around 100 white wines, freshly arrived to market. There were distancing tapes everywhere, yellow & black striped like a zebra on late picked Viognier; and giant paper cups to spit in; and sanitisers to rub against; and beady eyes to stop anyone getting too close and intimate. And there was ice, about a tonne of it, in galumphing great sacks to wrap around those 100 oh so delicate bottles. And it was hot, the sun following you around like Madonna’s eyes, willing the wines to wilt. But they stood firm against the heated onslaught: It was more urbane than urban, set in the leafy glades of Fulham, elegant and civilized. And The Times, The Telegraph, The Mail, City AM,  the distant Yorkshire Post, plus Decanter’s finest, and the cream of the bloggersphere – they came, they saw, they conquered. Veni, Vini, Vici – as Julius Caesar so nearly said. And we loved it..

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