About Us

We are a fun loving and creative independent drink and food PR agency based in London, we specialise in:

– Tailor-made Public Relations programmes
– Product launches
– Events – organising winemaker dinners to consumer tastings
– Brand strategy and development
– Distribution and listings advice in on and off trade
– Marketing support

We work with our clients to establish creative, strategic and bespoke campaigns which provide an element of education whilst also being inspirational, fun and standing out. We have been rewarded for our professionalism, individuality and creativity.

We have also helped restaurants to launch, or to publicise their chefs or food philosophy and we have raised the profile of clients’ food and drink brands through creative events.

Wherever possible, we strive to play a strategic role in all aspects of our clients’ products including production, packaging, pricing and distribution. We regard this sharing of ideas and advice as a vital additional resource for product development or brand management.

R&R Goes Global

R&R Teamwork has joined forces with long-term global partners Vinconnexion (Paris) and O’Donnell Lane (Sonoma) to launch a new global agency Think Drink Global to offer inspired support to clients in the UK, Europe and the USA. The teams have worked for a wide array of drinks brands and organisations for many years and their collective international experience, along with their intimate knowledge and understanding of the local media, allows them to better connect clients within their global network.