About Us

We are a fun loving, independent drink and food PR agency based in London. 

Specialising in:

– Tailor-made Public Relations programmes
– Product launches
– Events
– Webinars
– Brand strategy and development
– Distribution and listings advice 
– Marketing support

We create bespoke campaigns to educate, raise awareness and inspire. We have been rewarded for our professionalism, individuality and creativity.

We play a strategic role in all aspects of our clients’ products including production, packaging, pricing and distribution. 


R&R Teamwork has joined forces with long-term global partners Vinconnexion (Paris) and O’Donnell Lane (Sonoma) to launch a new global agency Think Drink Global to offer inspired support to clients in the UK, Europe and the USA. The teams have worked for a wide array of drinks brands and organisations for many years and their collective international experience, along with their intimate knowledge and understanding of the local media, allows them to better connect clients within their global network. We are really enjoying working on New York Wines together