Eilidh Stalker

The Vibrant

Eilidh Stalker as imagined by Rupert Ponsonby...

Eilidh Stalker of California via Scotland: Eilidh has arrived like the Santa Ana winds & Hebridean gales to whoosh fresh thinking into R&R. New to the mysteries of PR, she will offer a vibrant youthful eye on everything we do.

Unafraid of the gnarling monster of corporate social responsibility, she will help us navigate a socio-political landscape dominated by buzzwords and turn intent into action.

Her special loves include people, stripey jumpers, Times New Roman, meltingly hot Chocolate chip cookies and chicken korma with lots of naan!

Other passions include lilies in bloom, salty ocean air, good communicators and honesty. Romeo & Juliet also rates highly (though they were poor communicators).

What’s your drink of choice?

Hendrick’s and tonic with lots of ice and cucumber slices. I love white wines and will ALWAYS say yes to bubbles.

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