John Murdoch

The Cruncher

John Murdoch as imagined by Rupert Ponsonby...

John Murdoch of Rochester in Kent was formerly of the Highlands: As Lady Bracknell so nearly mooted in The Importance of being Ernest, ‘to have one big skill in life is lucky, but to have two is downright greedy.’


Our John combines gargantuan knowledge of both accounting and of that mysterious thing called IT. We ring him with the oddest of queries and he leads us gently through the maze. We think he finds us southerners tricksome, but he is kind and we learn a great deal from the kilted wizard. 


A true Scotsman, he gives vegetables a cold shoulder.

What’s your drink of choice?

A good pint of beer or a single malt. No cocktails, please, I’m real Scottish

John Murdoch of R&R Teamwork - Square