Natasha Najm

What is your desert island dish and drink? Chunks of baked Black Cod (from The Quilon) with an almighty beer

Sum yourself up in three words? Makes it happen

If you could be a cocktail what would you be and why? Bloody Mary – starting the day the very best way

What’s your drink of choice? Provence style rosé wine

Eureka food moment? In a tardis-style shack in a Bordeaux vineyard – being served melt-in-the-mouth steak barbecued over vine cuttings

Favourite spots to have a drink? Anywhere that serves Duvel – all the best nights out start with one (but ONLY one!)

If you distilled, brewed or made your own drink what would it be called and why? It would have to be a Lebanese wine named after a star – in-line with the name I am proudly married into

Where can people usually find you outside of work? With my children or in the kitchen (ideally, the two together)

Favourite holiday destination? So far – the Caribbean

If you found £10 what would you spend it on? Magazines for my boys

Tell us something we didn’t know about you? I spent a month living in a mansion with 9 other mums and their children when my eldest son was born – for a BBC show