Hannah Leathers

The Humourist

Hannah Leathers as imagined by Rupert Ponsonby...

Hannah Leathers of Fulham: This creature was in the dangerous world of advertising before she saw the light, but we try to keep her past quite quiet. With one of the wickedest senses of humour on the planet, Hannah’s deeply creative roots allow for a constant flow of to-the-point one liners. No-one and nothing is safe!


This mother of three young wonderlings lives 60 yards from the office, and she is our thin controller (a reference to Thomas the Tank Engine and her elegance).  As well as being clever with her word play, she has subliminal oversight over nearly everything we attempt to do.

What’s your drink of choice?

Champagne, ideally drunk in Reims, call me high maintenance. Alternatively a Piña Colada – I like drinks that taste like Hawaiian Tropic.

R&R Teamwork's Hannah Leathers - square