Rosamund Barton

The Oracle

Rosamund Barton as imagined by Rupert Ponsonby...

Rosamund Barton of Hurlingham: Gosh, what can we say about someone who has been in the deliciously wonderful world of wine and drinks PR since water was first turned to wine. She is a bubbling outpouring of knowledge on all things vinous, a font of knowledge, an oracle.


She has a nose sharper than an aardvark and a brain which makes the strongest computer appear insipid. She knows more about the private lives of grapes than even they know about themselves. She has led press trips to forbidden airports and been massaged with the quirkiest grapes.


A devotee of ZUMBA (including a bit of belly dancing), and Padel tennis.:

What’s your drink of choice?

A glass of Champagne or English Sparkling or a weak Gin and Tonic with pink grapefruit

R&R Teamwork's Rosamund Barton - square