Rupert Ponsonby

What is your desert island dish and drink? Marilyn Monroe; Gin Martini – slightly dirty

Sum yourself up in three words? Not quite right 

If you could be a cocktail what would you be and why? A smokey peated whisky cocktail with raisins as its base

What’s your drink of choice? A big bold India Pale Ale 

Eureka food moment? Michel Roux’s tuna tartare with chilli, ginger and sesame oil with an old sour cherry beer

Favourite spots to have a drink? In bed. The Roman’s had it right

If you distilled, brewed or made your own drink what would it be called and why? St Kilda. A rather heavenly out-to-sea communion wine

Where can people usually find you outside of work? In a field, dismembering thistles

Favourite holiday destination? Outer Hebrides of Scotland

If you found £10 what would you spend it on? Pork Crackling

Tell us something we didn’t know about you. I love ostriches and worms.