Rupert Ponsonby

The Lateralist

Rupert Ponsonby as imagined by Rupert Ponsonby...

Rupert Ponsonby of Chipping Norton: Rupert founded R&R with The Fair Rosamund in the days of fax machines. He is a neighbour of the ‘greatest living farmer’ (Jeremy Clarkson) and takes lessons from him at Diddly Squat in the nuances of running restaurants.


Though marinated in PR, he’s also a part-time farmer and co-founded Mr Trotter’s Pork Cracklings to take the humble ‘scratching’ to a higher level. His own three pigs – Daphne, DORA and Dolores – are agnostics. He drinks wines, beers, dry sherry and Martinis.


His brain seldom goes straight and he is keen on thinking outside the box, though really he should be contained within it. 

What’s your drink of choice?

A big bold India Pale Ale or Malbec; or a Gin Martini in a thin iced glass & twist for the weekend

R&R Teamwork's Rupert Ponsonby - square