Rob Barton

Rob Barton
What is your desert island dish and drink?

Seafood platter (lobster, crab, prawns, shellfish etc,)
Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs (“Probably the best champagne in the world” – James Bond)

If you could be a cocktail, what would you be and why?

Barton Special (gin, calvados and Scotch whisky) The name!

What’s your drink of choice?

Has to be the family wine from Bordeaux!
Château Léoville Barton.

Eureka food moment?

First time I had Thai food.

Describe yourself in three words

A bit different.

Most memorable drink moment?

Can’t remember!

Favourite spots to have a drink

Hurlingham Club, Lord Dudley pub in Sydney, Surfside Bar in Barbados.

If you distilled, brewed, or made your own drink what would it be called and why?

I used to brew my own cider which was about 17% abv. Called it Apple Armageddon because of its effect on people.

Where can people usually find you outside of work?

Hurlingham Club.

Favourite holiday destination

Sydney and Barbados.

If you found £10 what would you spend it on?

Probably a pint of lager and packet of cashews.

Tell us something we didn’t know about you?

I have a Master of Business Administration degree.