Eleanor Standen

The Dynamo

Eleanor Standen as imagined by Rupert Ponsonby...

Eleanor Standen of Lincolnshire: There are runners and there are runners and then there is this awesome lady. She sprints, she cycles, she swims: But she also has to climb an awful lot as she’s so often on that podium.


When most of us are guzzling chocolate, trashing pastries and sitting by the TV with soles well raised, she is biking up some Godawful mountain, clawing through a shark infested lake and then running as if chased by rabid hyenas.


She is yet another systemic synthesizer, with a memory like the wordiest Thesaurus. Her urge to make her clients smile borders on religion. The word ‘focused’ comes to mind. She aims, she shoots, she conquers.

What’s your drink of choice?

Tea and coffee on repeat most days… if we’re talking alcohol, a G&T, Espresso Martini, a nice dry white and from time to time a big red by the fire (I like to mix it up!)

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