Eleanor Standen

Eleanor Standen

What is your desert island dish and drink? Spicy giant prawns and a glass of cold dry white wine

Sum yourself up in three words? Action woman personified (thanks Rupert!)

If you could be a cocktail what would you be and why? A Caipirinha – sometimes a bit sharp, but overall mostly sweet!

What’s your drink of choice? A skinny cappuccino in the morning; an Aussie Shiraz or nice Rioja in the evening

Eureka food moment? When I discovered the amazing brunches that you can find in Sydney – they need to be readily available in the UK!

Favourite spots to have a drink? On a beach watching a sunset

If you distilled, brewed or made your own drink what would it be called and why? Chocoholic! Because I am!

Where can people usually find you outside of work? Cycling up hills, swimming lengths or pounding the streets running

Favourite holiday destination? Anywhere involving an element of adventure

If you found £10 what would you spend it on? Lots of chocolate!

Tell us something we didn’t know about you. I once coxed a quad rowing boat across the Channel