Lydia Hopgood

The Actor

Lydia Hopgood as imagined by Rupert Ponsonby...

Lydia Hopgood of Chiswick (or Hotgood, according to the delivery men) is a name to remember: Soon she will be up there in bright lights.


She will be THE Lydia Hopgood and whispered in the same excited breath as all the hottest talent: Because Our Lydia is an actor, a roaring talent destined for the greatest things. And she’s doing great things already, sending our wines and beers with theatrical flair to all corners of the earth (well, mainly British earth as it’s nearer). She also evaluates media and has clever thoughts.


What it is to be on the verge of Greatness.

What’s your drink of choice?

Champagne or a vodka lime soda. Pinot noir is on my top list and our family raspberry vodka can never go a miss around Christmas time.

Lydia Hopgood of R&R Teamwork - Square